US Military Endurance Sports

Dave “Dash” Ashley // Adventure Racing

Dash has served on active duty in the U.S. Army and US Air Force for 20+ years. He has served in various duty assignments including Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launch operations, satellite operations and acquisition. He has commanded at the squadron level; and, while on staff rotation at the Pentagon, he was selected for group level command and will move to Los Angeles Air Force Base in 2017.

Dash has been competing in Adventure Races and orienteering meets for over 10 years and has raced in 100+ events. These ranged from a few hours up to 4+ continuous days in locations across the US and internationally in locations such as in Estonia, Cyprus, Costa Rica, and Canada. The 2017 race season highlights will include the 3-day Breakdown expedition, 26 hour Rev3 Epic, and the 5-7day Adventure Racing World Championships for starters.  As a former member of team USA’s Mountain Bike Orienteering team, and former team captain of the US Adventure Racing Association (USARA) and was number one for, four years in a row, Dash brings solid technical orienteering skills and years of race team leadership and management experience to the USMES adventure racing squad.