US Military Endurance Sports

Douglas Crytzer // Adventure Racing

Douglas Crytzer has served in the 82nd Airborne Recon, 9th Regiment Manchu’s, and as the Tactical Team Leader of Task Force II, Special Operations, among other military assignments. Doug’s military experience fed his hunger for adventure. He is a graduate of the Military Mountaineering Instructor Course and the Jungle Operations Course, as well as a distinguished honor graduate of the Air Assault School and a member of the Audie Murphy Association.

Doug started adventure racing in 1999 and in 2001 signed a professional contract with FogDog Sports. Team FogDog was ranked in the top 3 Nationally for 4 consecutive years, and was made up of primarily Veterans. Doug’s love of adventure racing led to him founding both American Adventure Sports and the North American Adventure Racing Series, as well as the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge.

“Adventure racing is the pinnacle of endurance sports, bar none! It is the ultimate proving ground of both the human spirit and, any type of gear. I am honored to represent USMES and to share these experiences with fellow Veterans.”