US Military Endurance Sports

Jay ShalekBriski // Cycling

Motto: “Never quit.”

If there is one word to describe Jay ShalekBriski’s cycling career, it’s flexibility. Jay may be the only athlete in the world to podium at both the Okinawa Road Race Championships and the Oklahoma State Criterium Championships, both in the same year (2017). After a successful U23 racing career, winning the Collegiate A Conference Championship for the USAF Academy Cycling Team and racing in Belgium for the U23 pro-development Fuji Test Team, Jay returned to the US to begin pilot training. In the years since then, this Air Force Captain has managed to consistently race 25+ times a year in between numerous missions, deployments, and temporary duty assignments. Jay has embraced all cycling disciplines, upgrading to Cat 1 in both cross country mountain bike and cyclocross as well as road, and hopes to continue to inspire others with his example of balancing duty with sport.