US Military Endurance Sports

JD Eskelson // Adventure Racing

JD has served in all aspects of the U.S.Army for almost 34 years. He first served as enlisted Soldier in the Army Reserves and then as an Officer in the Utah Army National Guard. Currently, he is stationed in Utah in the Army Reserves. JD has served in numerous positions but his highlights are as an Executive Officer in a LRSD (Long-Range Surveillance Detachment) and Airborne Infantry Commander.
JD has been competing in adventure racing since the Eco-Challenge days and orienteering races for over 15 years; he has raced in 100+ events. These races range from a few hours up to 10 continuous days in locations across 48 States to include Alaska, and internationally in locations such as in Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Iceland, Costa Rica, Belize, Europe, Canada, Scotland, Wales, Chile and South Africa. JD also competed in on and off road marathons like the 111th Boston in 2007 and trail ultras like the 150 miles RATS (Race Across The Sand) which he won. He has either won or placed on the podium in other Ultras like the Seneca Creek/Greenway Trail 50K, The North Face Challenge 50K, JFK 50K, Buffalo Run 50 Miler. Lately, JD has competed in multiple day staged Ultras like the 8 days TAR (Trans Alpine Run) both the Western and Eastern routes in Europe and the Trans Rockies 6 days Ultra in Colorado.  He is looking forward to an action packed 2017 season.