US Military Endurance Sports

Jessica Lukasik // Triathlon

Motto:  “Just do it…and don’t whine about it!”

Our 2017 Kona IRONMAN military division World Champion has adapted the Nike motto to describe her personal philosophy: “Just do it…and don’t whine about it!” Until recently, this 24-year-old Junior Lieutenant in the Coast Guard lived in Africa on a Fulbright Scholarship, where she worked on a sustainability plan for Mauritius. Analyzing conflicts between traditional fisheries and the growing tourism industry, Jessica’s scholarship addressed ways to share ocean resources.

Now that Jessica has returned from Africa, she has been able to focus on racing. “From 2014 to mid-2016 I was on orders on a tiny island, where I largely competed alone and in local events, or events that I helped organize. Returning to the United States and joining USMES brought a sense of higher purpose back to my competition.” Besides her Kona win, in 2017 Jess came in 1st the 20-25 age category at the Seattle Rock’N’Roll marathon (5th female overall), dropped more than 35 minutes off her IRONMAN PR, and took over 30 minutes off her marathon PR. Jessica says, “looking back on my rapid progression, I could not be more excited for the 2018 season to come.”