US Military Endurance Sports

Marcus Farris // Triathlon

Motto:  “Beat the best!”

After a strong 2017 season that included a 25-29 age group win at IRONMAN Canada (4th overall) and the completion of his third year serving as Alaska’s USMES Regional Coordinator, in 2018 Marcus Farris will serve a dual role at USMES: Triathlon Club Manager and member of the USMES Elite Team.

Despite his current clear identification as a triathlete, Marcus’ competitive direction was not always so straightforward. As an Army ROTC cadet at Auburn University, Marcus trained almost exclusively for ultra-marathons, running 19 within a 3-year period including the Pinhoti 100 Mile Endurance Race. In his last year at Auburn, Marcus joined the university’s triathlon club, placing second overall in the open division at Collegiate Nationals. During his first assignment as a Corps of Engineers, Marcus dabbled in road racing, earning a USA Cycling category upgrade within months. Returning to triathlon, in subsequent years Marcus secured a slot to the ITU World Championships, placing among the top 10% in the world for his age group, and finished on the podium at the U.S. Armed Forces Triathlon Championships. At the conclusion of his stellar 2017 season Marcus moved to endurance sports-mecca Bend, OR, has begun working with new coach Matt Lieto and is looking forward to continuing his service in the National Guard.