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Spencer Johnson // Running


“Be Excellent”

Spencer Johnson discovered his love of running in basic training. He had been overweight in high school and had avoided running, just doing the minimum to pass gym class. In basic it became apparent he could really run, building his fitness over those eight and a half weeks until he outran about 200 trainees in the final PFT. This revelation changed his life, personally and professionally. Now, as Spencer explains, ”My personal motto is ’Be Excellent.’ One of my pet peeves is when someone just does the minimum to get by…if you are willing to be mediocre in one aspect of your life what is stopping that from bleeding into other areas?  Applying this principle in all aspects of my life drives me to do my best and keep pushing to new heights.”

Today Spencer is at Robins AFB working for the Air Force Reserve Command. He is a devoted husband and father of three, and he is just as crazy about running as he was in boot camp. Spencer’s love for running extends to all distances from one to 50 miles, and in 2018 he is excited to challenge himself with a 100-miler. Spencer’s PRs include 5k-15:58, half marathon-1:17, marathon-2:50, and the 1.5-mile fitness test in 7:37.

When Spencer isn’t running he is inspiring others with his love of running: he is a USATF level 1 coach, has five years of experience coaching track and field and cross country at the high school level, and is a mentor currently working with five beginner athletes for USMES.