US Military Endurance Sports


The USMES Cycling Club is comprised of athletes of all ages and abilities.  The cycling club is focused on participating in competitive and non-competitive cycling events in all 16 USMES operating regions.  In addition to the regional events, the Cycling Club is also focused on several national events including the Sean Coleman Memorial Race, Sea Otter Cycling Classic, Armed Forces Classic, and National Cycling Championships.  Masters athletes will have additional team events.  Seasonal cycling camps and skill development clinics are held throughout the year in support USMES cyclists—the largest team camp is held each year in Tucson, Arizona (typically in March).  The USMES Cycling Club Manager is Sam Curlee: (


USMES Triathlon Club is comprised of age-group amateur and some professional triathletes who compete in events around the world.  Although the sport of triathlon is typically a solo endeavor, USMES manages an events calendar to link athletes together at races, provides logistical support at several focus events, and has identified key triathlon sponsorships to help defray the cost of training and participating in the sport.  The USMES Triathlon Club Manager is: Mandy Midgett (


The USMES Running Club was introduced in 2015 and is focused on supporting competitive athletes participating in endurance running.  Athletes that participate in shorter events are welcome in the program but focus races will target longer competitive events.  High quality running apparel, running specific sponsorships, education, mentorship, and running camps are all available to team members.  The USMES Running Club Manager is Eric Haselby: (


The USMES Adventure Racing Club was also introduced in 2015 and is focused on supporting adventure racers competing in national and international caliber events.  Athletes with any level of experience are welcome to join the club.  High-quality adventure racing equipment and apparel specific sponsorships, education, mentorship, and an Adventure Racing Camp are all available to USMES members.  The USMES Adventure Racing Manager is Ron Flick: (


Wounded Veteran and Adaptive athletes in USMES participate within the full span of USMES clubs and teams.  The USMES Elite Paracyclists are also supported through the USMES Elite Athlete Program and all other wounded veteran athletes participate as club athletes.  Within the Club Program, USMES provides additional support to wounded veteran athletes that may have specific equipment, logistical, or mentorship/coaching requirements.   USMES typically will host four (space limited) skill development camps for wounded veteran cyclists in places like San Diego, Tucson, Washington DC, and Colorado Springs.  Additionally, wounded veteran athletes interested in learning more about Paralympic competition, official classification, and event participation can receive assistance from the Wounded Veteran/Adaptive Program Manager David Smith: (