US Military Endurance Sports

USMES University

The US Military Endurance Sports (USMES) University program was introduced to support endurance sports education and educational activities for USMES members and teams.  Partnering with top tier coaches, athletes, and members to provide a structured and organic approach to nutrition, health, exercise, and training for our active and Veteran servicemembers team mates.  Below is a sampling of some of the free benefits provided to USMES members.

Education Library

USMES University offers omembers a growing education library with information about competing, nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, tactics, and much more.  We mentor by connecting our top amateur and elite athletes with beginner and intermediates.  The Facebook and community pages offer an excellent feedback forum and continued advice on library articles, videos, and other forms of media.  Your Regional Coordinator is also a great resource for connecting members with expert advice and resources within and external to USMES.


USMES University also offers free webinars on a variety of endurance sport related topics, to include but not limited to nutrition, sport psychology, racing techniques, and more.  After each webinar, an open Q&A forum is conducted with continuation discussions on social media and community forums.  Member discussions following webinar are very popular for those willing to share their race experience and ask for assistance on the webinar topics.

Education Courses

USMES University has partnered with endurance coaches, sports experts, area professionals, and companies like United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA) to offer members an opportunity to take free endurance sports education courses.  These non-credited courses are offered in written form for online, distance learning-style formatting.  Future plans are in work to offer these courses to members via interactive, computer based training platforms.  Additionally, there are available options to take third-party courses through companies like UESCA for USAC and USAT Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and credits.



Presented by Dr. Eric Bergreen

23 July 2017 @ 1900 (7 pm) EST

 100 Live spots available on 1st come basis.  A replay will be available immediately afterward.

USMES webinars are free to members.  If you would like to become a member, please visit for more information.


Fuel to Perform: Optimizing Nutrition for Athletic Performance

Presented by Dr. Victoria Coleman & Dr. Jim Weinstein
10 September 2015

Training in the Heat

Presented by Adam Mills
19 June 2016

Cycling Form & Bike Fit: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Presented by Rick Prince
02 April 2017

Sport Psychology: Metal Skills for Reaching Your Potential

Presented by Dr. Eric Bergreen
23 July 2017

USMES University Webinars are free to all USMES members as part of your member benefits and must not be shared without written consent from the USMES Staff or webinar author.  USMES University webinars are not official USMES correspondence, are developed by the author and may not represent official views of the USMES Organization. If you have questions regarding content, please contact the respective author identified in the webinar.