US Military Endurance Sports


Cycling: Power Fundamentals

Presented by George Ganoung

13 Mar 2016 @ 1900 (7 pm) EST

Fresh off of camp, George has a fantastic science based approach to cycling, that is sure to give you some additional insight and boost your training/race results.  This webinar is loaded with some great content for all club cyclists...and by "cyclists," this definitely includes triathlon, cyclo-cross, MTB and more!  While useful for all cycling disciplines in training, power arguably has more of a race day benefit in multisport (especially long course) than in mass start cycling.  While "sciency" by nature, George very much promotes a pragmatic and balanced approach to its use.  So if you have been steered away by the seemingly complex and constraining nature of power in the past, take a look at this webinar!

View George's work in the USMES University Library or at the

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